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Mate for the Feral Barbarians Mate for the Feral Barbarians

by Scarlett Grove

Genre: Romance

Published: 2016

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Can their wild passions win her heart?
After the world’s worst date, Kimmy Simms is ready to try anything -- even an online quiz about her perfect match. When two cupids materialize out of thin air to give her the results, and then poof her into another dimension, Kimmy’s sure she’s dreaming!
The huge blue barbarians who greet her, however, feel very real. Their enemy has poisoned most of the women and twins need to mate with her … but since they are enormous panther shifters and she is but a tiny human, she must choose between them.
Vock and Konko then compete win her over, each seeking to outdo the other in deeds of sensual pleasure. But contrary to their instructions, Kimmy has fallen for both her extraordinary lovers. Can they escape an enemy attack and complete their ancient ritual, so that both of them can claim her? Or will she be forced to deny one of her would-be mates?
Mate For The Fear Barbarians is a full-length, smoking hot, five-alarm fire of alien shifter lovin’! Scorching satisfaction and the naughtiest of happy endings guaranteed.

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