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Mystics 3-Book Collection Mystics 3-Book Collection

by Kim Richardson

Genre: Fiction

Published: 2010


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Discover the world of MYSTICS, an enthralling new series by award-winning author Kim Richardson. Enter a fantastic journey filled with danger and action, lies and deadly truths that will have readers clinging to the edge of their seats.This package includes in the Mystics series:The Seventh SenseThe Alpha NationThe NexusTHE SEVENTH SENSE (Book 1)Fourteen-year-old Zoey is a street-savvy orphan, careful to live life under the radar, because of a powerful secret—she can see monsters. But her life changes forever when she's unwillingly recruited by a mysterious society called The Agency, a group of people that share her ability to see the supernatural. Zoey is whisked off to a strange place, where monsters and humans coexist, where leprechaun gangs, giant fairies and vampire bowling balls are the least of her problems.Along the way, she discovers a treacherous plan that points to a demon invasion, and possibly the end of the world. Zoey is determined to uncover the truth—but the...

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