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Random Acts Of Storytelling Random Acts Of Storytelling

by Earl T. Roske

Genre: Other

Published: 2013

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Like a sampler plate, this is a serving of a variety of stories. From literary, to sci-fi, and even a play in iambic pentameter, you'll find something interesting but always entertaining.And you can't beat the price.If you like what you read, please write a review and consider buying my other collections. Thanks!This is a collection of very short stories. They do not fit a specific category but neither are they so rigid in their genre that anyone couldn't find pleasure in the reading. Some are literary, some are sci-fi. There's even a short play. All of it is entertaining and well worth the money you didn't spend. Please enjoy and consider buying my other works after enjoying yourself here.Stories:All that GlittersFeed Your TelevisionThe MatchmakerStepping OutThe Suicide NoteThe Placement AgencyThe Revolution If Postponed For CocktailsLife's Greatest PleasuresLove's Last KissSunny Side UpRobbery Shmobbery (A play!)

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