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The Planet Dweller The Planet Dweller

by Jane Palmer

Genre: Mystery

Published: 2010

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Diana hears the voice of Moosevan, an entity who inhabits a distant planet, in her head. Her world is threatened and she wants Diana’s help. Yuri believes her, though he's usually drunk in charge of a ten inch reflector and has a bizarre theory about the movement of the asteroids.Then two cosmic intelligences decide to help. They may understand the Universe, but mere mortals are beyond them.A short, fun summer romance novella. Kaliyah Simon just broke up with her cheating boyfriend, and now that summer break is here, all she wants is a quiet, boy-free summer. To focus on work, reading, and her tan. But then she meets up with her old high school nemesis, Isaiah Winters, on the way home, and he seems more interested in being friends than enemies. Can Kaliyah lower her walls and get over seven years of pushing Isaiah away and find out what it would be like to actually be with him? With her best friend going boy-crazy, a twenty-first birthday looming on the horizon, Isaiah continually showing up on her doorstep, and an ex that seems to want her back, Kaliyah’s summer promises to be anything but quiet.

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