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Alien Commander's Bride Alien Commander's Bride

by Scarlett Grove

Genre: Romance

Published: 2015

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Read Alien Commander's Bride Storyline:

She’ll do anything to protect her family … even mate with the sexiest alien she ever hated.
Lexi Garcia is fed up with Draconians. The dragon shifters have ruined her life! They came to Earth asking human women to sign up for their mating lottery. In exchange, they've offered to share advanced technology with humanity.
But someone on their armada is selling other--forbidden--Draconian technology to greedy criminals, and the black market in advanced technology has ensnared Lexi’s family. Her father owes money to a tech-dealing mobster--who wants her sister as payment.
To save them both, Lexi has no choice but to join the lottery and submit herself to a Draconian. Sure, the one she’s been matched with is super sweet, seven feet tall, muscular ... devastatingly sexy. But she hates him.
Doesn't she?
Nash Or, Commander of the Draconian Navy, knows Lexi is meant to be his. Her strength and loyalty are as compelling as her sexy curves. He just needs to convince her that not all Draconians are bad. Can Nash put a stop to the underground technology that’s enslaving humans while he woos his sassy bride?

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