Peter And The Vampires (Story #2)

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Peter And The Vampires (Story #2) Peter And The Vampires (Story #2)

by Darren Pillsbury

Genre: Childrens

Published: 2011

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Poor Peter. After barely escaping a band of charred corpses in PETER AND THE DEAD MEN, now he has to deal with something even worse:A classmate with a crush on him.Sadly, she dies.Unfortunately for Peter, she doesn’t stay that way…The second book in the YA horror series, PETER AND THE MONSTERS!I decided not to write any poem in future after initial lukewarm response from you on my ‘First Attempt’. But later on, you have shown your love for the book which encouraged me to attempt another compilation of poem. I wanted to give the name of the book as ‘Second attempt’. But my last poem on a mother changed my mind and I gave the name of the book accordingly. I have no shame in sharing that while writing the title poem, I wiped my tears at least four to five times and had to stop writing further many times. It is a tribute not only to my mother but to all the mothers for their unselfish sacrifice for their children.

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