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Public Secrets Public Secrets

by Nora Roberts

Genre: Fiction

Published: 1990

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From Nora Roberts, the incomparable New York Times bestselling author of Sanctuary and Montana Sky, comes a mesmerizing story of a woman trapped by a dangerous desire and threatened by a murderous secret, one of Nora Roberts\'s most popular novels. Emma. Beautiful, intelligent, radiantly talented, she lives in a star-studded world of wealth and privilege. But she is about to discover that fame is no protection at all when someone wants you dead.... All she has to do is close her eyes and she remembers the magical day her father came into her life. She was a frightened, lonely toddler, hiding, always hiding, from her mother\'s wrath, when Brian McAvoy swept in and took her away. She didn\'t know then that she was his illegitimate daughter or that she had just been rescued by pop music\'s rising new star. All she knew was that suddenly she felt safe. And there wasn\'t only Brian...his new wife became Emma\'s loving stepmother, his band members became her surrogate uncles, and soon Emma even had a new baby brother to care for. Then just when everything seemed perfect, a horrifying event shattered all their lives: a botched kidnapping attempt, shocking theworld, traumatizing Emma, leaving her bereft of her newfound happiness. Yet now, after so many years of pain and guilt, of being overprotected and hounded by the press, Emma finally feels as if she\'s put the tragedy behind her. A determined, self-sufficient young woman, she has carved out a thrilling career, and even dared to fall rapturously in love. But the man who will become her husband isn\'t all that he seems. And Emma is about to awaken to the chilling knowledge that the darkest secret of all is the one buried inher mind--a secret that someone may kill to keep. With Public Secrets, Nora Roberts has woven an absorbing tale of a woman you can\'t help but care for, trapped in a terrifying web of suspense that willkeep you reading long into the night.

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