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Electric Chair Electric Chair

by J Niessen

Genre: Other

Published: 2014

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Nathaniel and Karen are on a drive to escape life's problems for the weekend. Stopping at a secluded area the two meet a familiar traveler named Ashura, similar to Karen in many ways though not afraid to act on her desires. Bearing concealed features, she holds murderous intentions. A body of heavenly hosts with hellish stratagem will turn the couple’s camp destination into a scene of chaos.Daniel always dreamed of being an aspiring author that would make him the envy of every horror fiction writer. Daniel was an avid horror reader that knew every character in his books. Daniel loved to show off to his friends about how much he knew about the characters he read about in his books. Daniel's life was about to change very soon. Daniel liked to read his horror books down in the family crypt. Daniel would say to himself "If I'm going to be a famous author what better place for me to be inspired, the family crypt. Daniel would spend hours down in the family crypt reading book after book until his eyes were too heavy to see what he was reading.One night when the wind was blowing and the trees were swaying back and forth Daniel felt inspired and told his parent's that he wanted to spend the night in the family crypt. The only story Daniel would be writing would be his death.

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