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Briar Rose Briar Rose

by Kimberly Cates

Genre: Romance

Published: 1999

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Award-winning storyteller Kimberly Cates spins a glorious tale touched with Irish charm.... Rhiannon Fitzgerald never knew her true heritage -- or if her talent for healing was bequeathed by fairy magic, as her father believed. The gentle lass who roamed the hills of Ireland knew only that she must help creatures in need. But her sweet, sheltered world was about to be shaken by an alarming discovery among the mysterious standing stones above the ruins of Ballyaroon. Lying at her feet was wounded Captain Lionel Redmayne, a steely British officer as feared by his own men as by his enemies. Their worlds could not be more different, but something lured these two solitary hearts to find solace in each other's mysterious ways.
With healing herbs and a soothing touch, Rhiannon set out to save Captain Redmayne. But she knew nothing of the risks ahead. In her care was a man who was harmed by a secret assailant; a man who could overwhelm her very soul with his hungry passions. Yet here, too, was the hero promised to her by destiny, whose love was locked in a past of secrets and pain, and in a heart to which she alone held the key....

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