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Alice in Blunderland Alice in Blunderland

by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Genre: Childrens

Published: 2003

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Here are all the embarrassing things that might happen to you in the fourth grade -- and do happen to you, if your name is Alice McKinley:

Your next-door neighbor (who happens to be a BOY!) sees you in your underpants.

You sneeze beans all over your best friend.

Your brother lies to you for fun and you believe him.

You get trapped inside a snow cave -- your own snow cave, that is.

You're the only person in the whole grade who can't sing.

Alice can't seem to do anything right anymore, especially where her big brother Lester is concerned. When he gets really angry with her, Alice doesn't know how to fix things between them. How is she going to get Lester to talk to her again? And will life ever get any easier? Fourth grade can't end soon enough!
The second of three prequels to the beloved Alice series, Alice in Blunderland lets younger readers get to know the girl everyone wants to be friends with, and proves once again that Phyllis Reynolds Naylor knows the fears, foibles, and fun of being a girl.

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