The Blood Red Rose

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The Blood Red Rose The Blood Red Rose

by Mark Stewart

Genre: Nonfiction

Published: 2010

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William Haleton was an innocent man then he was transformed into a vampire. The rules are: sever the lifeline of 100 evil souls. If you take too long you'll be transported through time. Haleton meets and falls in love with Amber. Haleton's vampire cousin, Crompton, wants her to die. There's an antidote. Will it be discovered before time runs out? Craig loves Amber too, but can he be trusted?The blood red rose is the first novel in the series. William Haleton was an innocent man when he was changed into a vampire. The curse will be with him forever. He will never know love. Then he meets Amber his future wife. His cousin Alex Crompton is now a vampire too and wants to kill Amber. Haleton must fight Alex and the orb of light. Both want him away from Amber. Being transported through time isn't something Haleton wants. He is determined to rid his life of the vampire curse once and for all. Blood red rose two and three can be viewed or bought on smashwords or amazon. The blood red rose is available in print form at amazon.

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