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Rock Hard Rock Hard

by Olivia Cunning

Genre: Romance

Published: 2011

Series: Sinners on Tour

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Meet the Bad Boys Of Molly Riot. They'll pluck your heartstrings with their irresistible charms. And rock your deepest desires in ways you've never imagined.The Bad Boys Of Molly Riot: The Complete Hard Rock Star Series, reveals the stories behind all FIVE of the hottest rockers you'll ever hear...North - I was a rock star in the most successful band in Miami. I had money, fame and millions of female fans. And then my world came crashing down...Nick - I've never been the long-term relationship type, but for sex this absolutely mind-blowing and life changing, hell, I'm willing to compromise. But how do I convince Olivia that she's different from all the others and that she alone is my addiction?Julian - You know, I've gotta say, no woman has ever had such a pull on me. Fran and I can't keep our hands off each other, but we've got a little dilemma: no one in either of our bands can know about our little tryst. If the press were to get a hold of this, we'd all be in for one hell of a sh*tstorm.Dan - This isn't like me, but I'm falling hard for this chick Sophie, the hot new bartender at my all-time favorite local dive bar. Thing is, our drummer Mark has his eye on her as well. Normally, this wouldn't matter, but there's just something about this girl that's different. I can already tell I don't want this to be just another one night stand. I have to get to know her--all of her. And there's no way in hell I'm gonna share.Mark - I met this smokin' hot photographer named Allie at a festival, and our chemistry both in and out of the bedroom is off the charts. Problem is, our singer hasn't trusted her from the start and suspects that she's with me just to bolster her career. I've finally met an amazing girl, and I think we have a real chance at something special. But can I trust her?This rock star romance box set contains five ultra-hot novellas with explicit material written for readers age 18 and over. The Kindle edition contains additional bonus stories for your reading pleasure!.

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