Healing of the Wolf

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Healing of the Wolf Healing of the Wolf

by Cherise Sinclair

Genre: Romance

Published: 2020

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"This is why I read romances - to escape into a world that is magical and where good triumphs over evil." ~ BookAddict Reviews A decade in captivity tore away all hope. But Margery never lost her resolve to help the sick. The village she'd hoped to serve as banfasa, caring for the ill and injured, is long gone. Humans captured the young shifters and killed the adults. Finally rescued, she has a chance at her dreams—at least for meaningful work. With her leg crippled and her face scarred, she knows she has no hope of ever finding love. Tynan is ready to find their mate. After years away from his littermate as a police officer among humans, Tynan is finally home, a beta in the wolf pack, and serving his people as a law officer. Assigned as Margery's mentor in the pack, he patiently works to earn the skittish little wolf's trust. Her captivity has left her with problems, including a...

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