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In Dog We Trust In Dog We Trust

by Beth Kendrick

Genre: Fiction

Published: 2019

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From the author of Once Upon a Wine, a new novel set in the charming seashore town of Black Dog Bay, Delaware.When Jocelyn Hilliard finds herself named legal guardian for the late Mr. Allardyce's pack of prized Labrador retriever show dogs, her world is flipped upside down. She's spent her entire life in Black Dog Bay, Delaware, but never expected to be living the pampered life of a seasonal resident in an oceanside mansion with a generous stipend. But her new role isn't without its challenges: the dogs (although cute) are difficult to manage, her boyfriend leaves her, and suddenly she's contending with her late benefactor's estranged son, Liam, who thinks he's entitled to the inheritance that was left to the dogs. But Jocelyn has worked too hard, and her mother has sacrificed too much, for her to back down without a fight. She uncovers Mr. Allardyce's secrets, connects with her mother on new levels, and learns more about her own father's legacy while trying...

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