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The Pandemic Plot The Pandemic Plot

by Scott Mariani

Genre: Thriller

Published: 2021

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Pre-order now: the gripping new Ben Hope thriller from the Number One bestseller. When ex-SAS major Ben Hope is urgently recalled to the UK from his base in France to assist with a family crisis, little does he know that he's about to be drawn into one of the most dangerous missions of his career: his son Jude has been accused of a brutal murder, and all the evidence points to his guilt. To prove Jude's innocence Ben embarks on a wild chase, facing up against mysterious killers and piecing together a fragile web of clues. What connects an all-female criminal gang from the early 1900s called the Forty Elephants, a century-old vendetta, and a shadowy government conspiracy that claimed millions of innocent lives? Along the way Ben teams up with his former acquaintance, rugged Detective Tom McAllister. They're heading for a showdown in the wilds of Cornwall, and the villains have no intention of letting Ben come out of it alive . . . People can't get enough of the Ben Hope series:...

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