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Meet Me at the Summit Meet Me at the Summit

by Mandi Lynn

Genre: Other2

Published: 2021

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For most 19-year-olds, a cross-country trip is an offer you can't refuse, but for Marly, it's the last thing she wants after losing both her parents in a car accident. Nine months after their death, Marly would rather stay home working the retail job she hates, than deal with her loss.It isn't until family and friends corner her into driving her mom's renovated 1978 VW bus from Washington to New Hampshire that Marly is forced to face her grief and understand the guilt she feels over her parents' death. Skeptical, Marly goes on the trip, warily exploring the life her parents knew she always wanted—hiking mountains and living out her photography dreams. On the way, she'll discover places and people who'll test her emotions and a guy who pushes at the walls she's so carefully built around herself. Marly must decide: can she face her deepest wounds and reclaim the life she thought was gone...

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