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Millenium Strike Millenium Strike

by Christopher Cole

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Published: 2020

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According to a national survey by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), US businessmen lose over $300 billion annually in trade secrets and intellectual properties to international espionage operatives. Number one on their list of hardest hit industries is high-tech companies, targeting information such as research and development data, manufacturing and marketing plans and top priority client lists. The FBI recently stated that over 23 countries have been identified, with China ranking first in espionage activities. Although numerous international acts and laws have been enacted, corporate espionage continues to be the single greatest security threat to the development of our nation's innovative ideas and commercial business practices in the 21st century. It time the public woke up to its dangers; it strikes at the very heart of our economy! In his book, Millenium Strike, Christopher Cole takes readers into the thrilling world of international...

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