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Slow Hands Slow Hands

by Faye Avalon

Genre: Romance

Published: 2019

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“Women don’t always get their needs met by a man.”
 “Then that man isn’t doing his job properly.”
 Ex-model-turned-entrepreneur April Sinclair fully expects to be laughed out of yet another attorney’s office. But with her adult toy business on the line, April desperately needs Logan Fitzpatrick’s help. All she has to do is explain to the gorgeous lawyer—whose eyes hold a decidedly wicked gleam—that she’s being sued. By a celebrity. For a faulty vibrator. No, that’s not awkward at all... April expects Logan to be shrewd, and even to be something of an arrogant prick. She’s not expecting just how this professional legal consultation has taken a very personal—bordering on sensually promising—air. The kind that makes April want to test her entire selection of adult toys with Logan, right here...and right now.
 She thought she could keep control. She thought she could call the shots. But one touch from Logan’s sensual, slow and exquisitely thorough hands, and April is consumed by a craving for him that burns hotter with every encounter.
 She knew Logan Fitzpatrick was dangerous—and capable of fulfilling her every desire. Now she’s falling for the one man who could destroy every part of her business...along with her heart.

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