Her Wounded Warrior

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Her Wounded Warrior Her Wounded Warrior

by Kristi Rose

Genre: Mystery

Published: 2014

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Kelly is secretly in love with Jeff. She wants to tell him how she feels but to do so would break her Code of Ethics. Occupational therapist aren't suppose to fall for their patients. Finally, the day has come for Jeff to be discharged from the VA hospital and Kelly knows this will likely be the last time she sees him. Letting him go will be the hardest thing she's ever done.This is a short story (less than 1000 words) that was originally created for a magazine. As an occupational therapist, Kelly knows that falling for a patient breaks her Code of Ethics. Having worked with Jeff over the last six months, helping him with his rehabilitation, she's gone and done the unthinkable. She's fallen for him, hard. But she could never tell Jeff how she really feels about him. Instead, she must watch him walk out of the hospital and her life knowing she might never see him again.

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