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Dark Moon Falls: Volume 2 Dark Moon Falls: Volume 2

by Bella Roccaforte

Genre: Other2

Published: 2020

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A sleepy town, a wolf pack, a witch’s coven and 13 brand new standalone stories of romance that will thrill, dazzle and delight you.High in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest lies the sleepy town of Dark Moon Falls … and it’s not what it seems. It has secrets, shifters, romance, villains, and so much more.Danger, intrigue, and romance abound as hot wolf shifters hunt for their one true mate, while the witches pursue their own agenda and humans are caught in the middle.Dark Moon Falls 2 is packed with brand new steamy stories you’ll be begging to get your paws on … a plethora of sizzling hot paranormal romance tales just waiting for you in this town that’s filled with enough action, passion, and suspense to keep you turning the pages into the wee hours of the night.One-Click now to book your getaway to soak up all the hot shifter romance … again!Dark Moon Falls Volume 2 has an all-star line up of authors! Including New York Times, USA Today, and award-winning authors! You do NOT want to miss out on this fantabulous set… get it now!=====Silas by Bella RoccaforteAn unknown darkness is ravaging the forest of Dark Moon Falls ... and everyone is in grave danger. Park ranger, Silas, is determined to hunt down the creature and stop it in its tracks to avert a disaster of epic proportions. In his quest to stop the killing he finds a woman with such beauty it takes his breath away ... and his heart. But is she who she appears to be? Or does she bring an even bigger threat on her heels?Cierce is a fairy changling from another dimension ... arriving in the forest on a quest to save her world and her family. She's up against a power she's not sure she can face alone, but she has no choice ... until sexy shifter Silas finds her.Could he become her ally in a world she doesn't understand? Or perhaps more. His glance, his touch sets her on fire in a way she's never known before. But she's lying to him and she knows when he finds out the truth ... she could lose everything.=====Asher by Ava K Michaels An ex-military cop looking for peace ... instead, he finds a war in his heart and a battle against a rogue. Asher Stone wants peace after years in the military,and he needs a pack when he picks a fight with his beta. His old friend Jagger helps him with both. A home and a job in Dark Moon Falls fits the bill, but he doesn't expect to run into Savannah Dark. A beauty with secrets and a past she refuses to speak of. She sets his heart on fire but when a rogue wolf has her in its sights ... how far will he need to go to protect her? Savannah Dark left her heritage and family years ago,wanting nothing to do with the curse it brought and living within 'others'was easy. With a no questions asked policy a motto she's lived by for years. Until Asher Stone. Strong, handsome, and sexy-as-sin, the shifter who threatens her secret ... and her heart.And the rogue who knows who she is, what she is, and wants her for her power. The one thing she's vowed never to use. Is she willing to diefor her principles? Will these two find true love, or will the rogue tear them apart forever? Read Asher, Ava K Michaels latest Dark Moon Falls paranormal romance filled with intrigue, danger, and a whole lot of shifter love.=====Foster by C.D. Gorri Lydia Suzanne has only ever made one good decision in her life and that was to keep her daughter, Skylar, far away from her ex-husband. Running from Mac has been a full time job for the two females. Now that her Wolf Shifter daughter is ready for school, Lydia has no choice but to find a place for them to settle.What better place than Dark Moon Falls? With the help of the Wolf Pack there, her daughter would grow up to be safe, strong, and protected. The fact that her ex was scared shitless of them was even better.Foster Reynolds spent the last few years in a jail cell for a crime he didn't commit. He's been given permission by the Dark Moon Falls Pack Alpha to come to the Pacific Northwest.Once situated in a small cabin there, Foster sets out to search for the real criminals to clear his name. He knows the rogues behind the heist will stop at nothing to keep their activities secret and he's prepared to take them on.What he isn't expecting is to meet his mate in the cabin next door! Will Foster be able to resist the temptation his fated mate presents and does he want to? Will Lydia learn to trust again? And what will happen when the rogue Wolves responsible for the crimes that sent Foster away turn up and threaten Lydia and her pup?=====Issac by Rosalie Redd A wolf-shifter mechanic who repairs cars as well as broken hearts...Wolf-shifter Issac Kincaid fixes cars, trucks, and motorcycles for a living. Too bad he can't seem to repair his own damaged heart. But when a feisty half-breed wolf barrels into town in her derelict vehicle and they are both tracked by a rogue wolf bent on revenge, he'll have to fix more than her car to save their lives and claim her as his mate.Chloe Bishop planned only a short stop in the small town of Dark Moon Falls to snap pictures of the nearby waterfalls, but her car seemed to have other ideas. When a handsome, wolf-shifter mechanic takes care of her car and a rogue tracks their every move, she'll have to protect her heart as well as her soul, for the repairman lights a fire deep inside she never knew existed and one she can't resist.=====Benjamin by Tami Lund Benjamin Martinez joined the most dangerous rogue shifter pack in the country on his pack Alpha's orders. For five years, he's been trying to figure out how to take them down.Hannah Montgomery left her old pack and moved to Dark Moon Falls in an effort to forget her past. A past that involved rogue shifters. She swore she'd never have anything to do with them ever again.When Ben meets Hannah, he doesn't intend to tell her who he is or what he does for a living. Except the rogues are now after his pack.And her.=====Blaze by SJ PierceA hot wolfshifter that's smart, attentive, rides a motorcycle, and is good in bed--whatmore could Maddie Winters want? It's been years since she's opened her heart toanother, and Blaze seems like the perfect fit.  But her love life has never managed to stayuncomplicated for long, so when her ex and father of her son comes running backinto her life and begging for a second chance, she's none too surprised, thoughshe's not prepared for the amount of drama he brings... or any of the chaosthat follows. Everyone's demons catch up with them eventually, and his are moreroaring and vicious than she ever could have fathomed.=====Kaden by Cora A. MurrayWhen his father was killed by a group of rogue wolves, and his mother was taken in as the alpha's new mate, Kaden St. Clair decided to move on rather than fight the intruders and die at their hands. After traveling the world on the Navy's dime, he decided it was time to settle into a new pack, and start a new life. Thinking he'd found his niche in life, he was thrown for a loop when he encountered a dark beauty. Knowing that she's his mate doesn't make it any better, with her being human. Will she understand when I tell her I'm a shifter?  After leaving a relationship that bordered on obsession, Gianna Jones found herself heading toward the unknown. When her car broke down in front of a diner in a town called Dark Moon Falls, she decided this was as good a place as any to start over. It doesn't hurt that she immediately meets a man with dark hair and blue eyes that awakens things inside her she never knew were there. The only problem is, Gianna has zero idea what the pull to this dark stranger is, but she knows she doesn't want to fight it.Will Kaden and Gianna have their happy ending, or will Gianna's ex threaten the happiness both have longed for?=====Grimm by Elaine Barris Escaping into the wilderness as a youth was Grimm's salvation from a world of torment. For him, all was well until his Alpha ordered him to return to Dark Moon Falls, and make a life both amongst his pack and his desires to roam his mountains. Lacy had no idea her husband, now ex, was involved with the mafia, and divorced him as soon as she found out about what he'd done. Her best friend, Carla, thinks that a vacation to get away, now that the whole debacle is over with, is the ticket, and Dark Moon Falls is the place to make it happen.When leading Lacy into his wilderness turns into a fight for her life, Grimm's purpose is renewed - eliminate the enemy and save his mate Hopefully, she'll agree to be his once the battle is done.=====Joshua by Skye Jones  Tag line: A wolf shifter who lost everything, and a woman who gave everything up. Finding each other could be their salvation...or their curse. Blurb: Joshua Steele fought for his country, and returned home to find his pack torn apart, his family destroyed, and his home devastated. All he has now is his little sister. After everything she's gone through, he swears to protect her. He can't do it alone though, so he seeks sanctuary within the pack in Dark Moon Falls. Rebecca Lang is a woman on the run. She escapes from England to Dark Moon Falls to flee from her abusive ex-boyfriend. Seeking only solitude, she hides on the outskirts of town, making a living selling her paintings online. Then she meets wolf shifter, Joshua. Rebecca finds herself falling hard and fast, but she's keeping secrets. Ones that could prove deadly. When Rebecca's secrets bring danger tearing into Dark Moon Falls, Joshus is torn between protecting his sister and saving the woman who stole his heart.

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