Don't Let Go (Hope Harbor Book 3)

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Don't Let Go (Hope Harbor Book 3) Don't Let Go (Hope Harbor Book 3)

by Ann B. Harrison

Genre: Romance

Published: 2019

Series: Hope Harbor

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Read Don't Let Go (Hope Harbor Book 3) Storyline:

Agnes Hope has loved Liam Davidson since they were children running free on Hope Island. But an assault has left her scarred and she can’t bring herself to tell anyone in case they judge her. She turns from the vivacious girl into a reclusive woman who works in a bakery at night just to avoid having contact with other people.When Liam is asked to be best man at her brother’s wedding, he hopes that Aggie will be maid of honor. It’ll give him the chance he needs, and the right romantic setting, to let him win her over and rekindle their relationship. It goes better than he could hope for but the next morning, Aggie runs before he wakes up. What has he done wrong? She won’t say but he knows there’s something she won’t talk about and he’s determined to find out what it is.Liam works his magic and she starts to drop her defenses, learning to trust again. But Aggie still has the fear that he will look at her differently when he finds out. How can he convince her that she will always be his Aggie, the girl he never stopped loving.

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