Murder at the Ostrich Farm

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Murder at the Ostrich Farm Murder at the Ostrich Farm

by London Lovett

Genre: Other2

Published: 2019

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Poppy Starfire is looking forward to a summer outing at Dawson Ostrich Farm with two of her favorite people, her brother Jasper and her dad. The day starts out well enough with souvenir shopping, cold lemonades and, of course, plenty of ostriches. But when one of the farm visitors is found strangled to death, the fun-filled visit takes a grim turn. When evidence and quick conclusions lead to an arrest, Ruby Dawson, the farm owner's daughter comes to the Starfire Detective Agency for help. Miss Dawson is certain the police have the wrong man and she hopes Poppy and Jasper can find the real killer. The Starfire investigators soon find themselves surrounded with motives, possible suspects, scant evidence and, of all things, ostriches. Book 2 of the Starfire Cozy Mystery seriesMore in the series:1. Murder on Lot B2. Murder at the Ostrich Farm3. Murder on the Angels Flight Trolley4. Murder on Holiday Lane

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