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A Royal Payne A Royal Payne

by Pixie Chica

Genre: Other2

Published: 2020

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Cameron Harley
I left my life in Small Town USA for a dream job in an exotic country. My life was going to be fabulous. Only...it didn’t quite turn out that way. Five years later, I’m not only stuck working crazy hours as an executive assistant, but I have a hot and cold boss. Queen Helena Payne. The Royal Pain in my A… You get the picture. This is my life day in, day out, until one call changes everything.
I’m heading back home. Even if I’m madly in love with her. It’s time I set my sights on reality...like someone who actually sees me as more than the help.
Queen Helena Payne
She thinks I don’t see her, but there’s nothing further from the truth. I see every inch of her, and I love riling her up just to see her storm off. She’s my assistant, the best one that’s ever existed. She’s also off-limits. As the queen of my country, there are expectations about who I should marry. Cameron Harley is not it.
I may not be able to touch, but I can watch. I’ll keep her by my side for as long as I can. Only it seems my time is up. Now, I’m on a wild goose chase after the one I can’t let go.
***This is a fun, F/F read full of Insta-love goodness! Come celebrate Spring Love, with a little mischievous fun!***

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