Charmed Mate (Cybermates Series Book 2)

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Charmed Mate (Cybermates Series Book 2) Charmed Mate (Cybermates Series Book 2)

by Candace Ayers

Genre: Other2

Published: 2020

Series: Cybermates Series

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Read Charmed Mate (Cybermates Series Book 2) Storyline:

Fern Day is barely holding it together most days. The single, fully-human mom of a fifteen-year-old-shifter-with-an-attitude has no time for herself. Her life is chaos, she’s a hot mess, and her daughter is her first priority.Sunkissed Key’s handsome pediatrician sure is tempting, though. When he offers to teach her daughter how to handle her animal side, Fern can’t refuse. But that’s not his only offer Fern can’t refuse.Harrison Daniels knows Fern is his the moment he lays eyes on her. He also knows that she’s not ready to learn about shifter mating. She’ll only view it as another responsibility, and lord knows she’s juggling enough of those already. That child of hers is an unholy terror.Harrison has his work cut out for him. He not only has to convince Fern that he’s in her life forever, he also has to gain the approval of her spawn from hell. Good thing Harrison never backs down from a challenge. Bring it on.

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