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Voodoo Planet Voodoo Planet

by Andre Norton

Genre: Science

Published: 2006

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"Voodoo Planet" features Dane Thorson, a young man fortunate enough to land a job on the Free Trader ship, the "Solar Queen." Plying their trade among the stars, Free Traders visit planets -- known and unknown -- in search of profit. (Another novel featuring Dane Thorson, "Plague Ship," is also available from Wildside Press.) In "Voodoo Planet," Captain Jellico and the ship\'s medic, Tau, are invited to Khatka, a world settled by African refugees, to help unravel the secret of a witch doctor\'s growing power. Dane is invited along as cover, much to his delight. Khatka has been set up as an exclusive hunting preserve for the rich. With mysterious, possibly supernatural deaths at the hands of otherworldly creatures, disappearing equipment, and a witch doctor\'s "magic" (not to mention poachers!), it may be more than the crew of the Solar Queen can handle! Includes a new introduction by best-selling author John Gregory Betancourt written especially for this edition.

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