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White Peak White Peak

by Darrel Bird

Genre: Other2

Published: 2015

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An FBI agent is sent back to Montana where he was raised to find out who murdered two Indian surveyors who were surveying for a casino. As he delves into the problems at White Peak he finds murder, corruption and greed.Note: the first addition had some name confusion Gordon/Morgan. In order to keep the stories free, I do not hire editors.Have you ever tried to change the minds of ‘good folks’ when they're half convinced the swift application of a rope will solve all their problems? Thing is, to Gideon, the prospect of being hung counted as a bothersome inconvenience. Maybe he was just too busy fending off the Rivers's attempts to help him to take notice of such things.Drinking water, deep breaths, standing upside down-- nothing will change the fact that life is full of hiccups. Gideon's life is more full than most. This story is Intelligent & insightful in a way that holds true, not only for its loosely American West setting, but for today's coffee drinking Joe as well. Told with a 'sitting beside you on the couch' feeling, this is a 'clean' read. Though 1st in the RIVERS series, titles can be read independently.

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