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Blood and Gold Blood and Gold

by Ben Blake

Genre: Other2

Published: 2013

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Sarténe is a land of culture and beauty. It is also about to be invaded, its people accused of heresy and awful crimes. Defending it are four friends, famous for their exploits in war in the desert far away. Behind them stands the Hidden House, and the ancient powers it is said to command. But against them comes a vast army, larger than any they can raise, and the cruel general who leads it.Calesh Saissan is a captain of the Hand of the Lord, a military Order fighting in Tura d’Madai. But he has no faith in the God he seems to serve. The purpose of the Hand is to distract attention, so the All-Church will not notice the heresy growing in its homeland of Sarténe.Now word has reached Calesh that the charade has failed. The heresy has been revealed, and the All-Church will turn its next Crusade west, into Sarténe. So Calesh comes home, back to the land he left eleven years ago to escape the sorrows of his youth. Back to another war, this one for survival. With him come the soldiers of the Hand, ready to defend their homes.With him too comes his mixed-race wife, the half-Madai Farajalla. Waiting are his old friends, three men with whom he made legends once, and also the Lady of the Hidden House behind her veils of mystery. Together they must stand against the All-Church, or see their country burn.

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