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Stay Stay

by Emily Evans

Genre: Other2

Published: 2016

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The Accidental American — Stay – A teen romantic comedy: Warning: There is a new foreign exchange student at Mia's high school. His name is Alexi. His profile is picky, wealthy, and Greek. An astonishing request has been made: Show him around. Horrible truths must be realized: She'll have to do it. And, Alexi will be living under the same roof. There's no escape. Mia has no other choice. Alexi must be Americanized. She'll take on this Herculean task and have him blending in by Homecoming. The problem? Alexi is hot, fascinating, and she's falling fast. Feisty, seventeen-year-old Mia will face Shakespeare's age-old question: 'Is it better to have loved and lost...' or will he stay? Stay: A fun YA contemporary romance. (Single female protagonist point of view, standalone, HEA.)

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