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Cage Me Cage Me

by Aidy Award

Genre: Romance

Published: 2018

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A Curvy Mermaid and a Dragon Shifter Romance
A flying dragon and a mermaid can fall in love, but first he has to convince her to return from hell.
Cage Gylden is one lucky son of a dragon. He should have died when his soul shard was stolen, but his mate saved his life.
Too bad he's never met her...and she's in hell.
As a warrior he will do everything in his power to defeat the Black Dragon and rescue her, whether she wants to be saved or not, even if he has to sacrifice his own life.
Everyone Azynsa loves gets hurt... or dies. She won't allow herself to feel for those around her, not since her police officer father died and her mother's people, the Mami Wata mermaids came for her. But, she will not allow anyone else to sacrifice for her, ever again.
Fated mates or not, these two are in for one hell of a time trying to save each other, and themselves.
The Dragons Love Curves series reading order:
Book 1 - Chase Me
Book 1.5 - Sass Me in Milly Taiden's Sassy Ever After Kindleworld
Book 2 - Bite Me in the 20 Shades of Shifters Box Set
Book 3 - Cage Me
More books to come! Yay!

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