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Simulation: Massively Multiplayer Simulation: Massively Multiplayer

by Marlynn Swanigan

Genre: Other2

Published: 2013

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An illusionary novel with an interesting virtual reality action rpg game that keeps us playing for hours! Mission Based, Mini-games, dark missions, and massively multiplayer with a unique level-up system and stunning 3D graphics!More haunting...more biting...more interrogating! All your favorite characters from 'Axe' are back in this explosive masterpiece. Play as a Hollownaut and stay plugged into over 15 maps, with an action RPG style combat system and risky gambling maps called 'deprivation' with a high stakes multiplayer rush! Don't get unplugged! Not only is the board game a thrill - the read is also an amusement ride! Marlynn Swanigan takes group reading to the next level with the Hollownaut film academy, which adds right to your level score and rank! All you have to do is connect, play Hollownaut film academy, and count the trophies at the end of the goal sequences to add them to your rank. If you haven't yet purchased this book, get it now, you don't want to be left out. Get it now, and race against your friends to become the number one Hollownaut. See why this book is not a book at all, unlock your inner nuke in this full-fledge RPG! Don’t like the nukes? That’s ok, play as a Dark Gawnden. In the lone-dark missions, you have no clones, but you only gain clones for the exiles in exchange for extra lives in deprivation, where you use their clones to earn respect. The dark saga actually has a great story behind it. You’re just putting in work to get money for the boss, just like the mobsters...

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