Little Red Hot Sauce (The Feminine Mesquite Book 5)

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Little Red Hot Sauce (The Feminine Mesquite Book 5) Little Red Hot Sauce (The Feminine Mesquite Book 5)

by Sable Sylvan

Genre: Other2

Published: 2017

Series: The Feminine Mesquite

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Read Little Red Hot Sauce (The Feminine Mesquite Book 5) Storyline:

Recipe for the best dang hot sauce in Texas:- a sassy take-no-bullshizz BBW who can cook with the best of them…and might just be able to beat them all- a daredevil polar bear shifter with nothing to lose- a big pinch of BDSM...heck, toss it all in, whips, cuffs, and more!- an unforgettable BBQ...and a summer wedding that throws one last twist at all ten Quincy Sisters and Scoville BrothersAnd though she be but little, she is fierce...Savina 'Sav' Quincy is named after the hottest pepper in the continental USA, and she does her namesake pepper justice. She is curvy, spicy, and of course, sassy and savvy. No man can tame her fire, but will the daredevil of the Scoville Polar Clan of Norwegian billionaires be able to handle her? Not a chance...but when the other four couples challenge each other to a red hot cook-off, Sav has to get in on the action. Of course, the rules state she has to work with a partner, and all her sisters are paired up, as are the Scoville Brothers…well, except for one, the only one that Savina can’t stand. The only person left to enter the contest with her is the one Scoville whose inner fire might rival hers...An omega never forgets...The youngest of the Scoville Brothers is Mason 'Mace' Scoville, future omega of the Scoville Polar Clan. He may have been born last, but he's going to come in first in the first annual Quincy-Scoville Cook-Off. That's a polar promise. He has nothing to lose, so there is no way he is going to lose...even if he has to work with the youngest Quincy Sister, who has more spice, sass, and curves than the other sisters combined! Mace tells himself that he’s all business and is just doing this to win first prize, but he can’t lie to his inner bear. Mace might be trying to resist her feminine mystique but his shift has other intentions...Are these two firebrands destined for first place, and more importantly, are they fated mates...or will they get burned?Sav can’t stand Mace’s brash attitude…but she can’t resist his machismo or the power of his shift. Mace can’t take Sav’s sass…but he’ll have to if he wants a chance to try on her curves for size. Will a fifth couple be joining in the Quincy-Scoville wedding at the end of the summer, or are Sav and Mace destined to be always the bridesmaid and groomsman, never the bride and groom? What secrets will be revealed at the wedding? There’s only one way to find out, and it’s in the spiciest book yet, in the fifth chapter of the spiciest Sable Sylvan fairy tale ever told, the story of a hot sauce company that’ll make you so feel so hot, you’ll be reaching for a glass of ice cold sweet tea, the story of…The Feminine Mesquite.

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