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Caught Looking Caught Looking

by Tara Wyatt

Genre: Other2

Published: 2020

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Catcher Jake Landon's career has him on the fast-track to the Hall of Fame. He's successful, driven, and even though he's nearing the end of his playing days, that competitive fire hasn't been extinguished. Life is good. Really good. But then the trade happens. He's shipped off to the Dallas Longhorns, which not only means he'll be starting over in a new city with a new team, but it means his top secret relationship with Longhorns hitting coach Abby Gossman is in trouble. Big, deep trouble. Abby has worked her entire life to get where she is now. The first female coach in MLB history, she's struggled and sacrificed for the game. It's her passion. Her life. Her family and her identity. And she's not willing to give it up or risk it for anyone or anything. Not even Jake. But their connection runs deep, and staying away from each other might just be impossible for Jake and Abby. With hearts and careers on the line, they'll have to walk through the flames of...

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