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Man at Work Man at Work

by Elaine Fox

Genre: Other2

Published: 2002

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Truman Fleming has spent enough days wearing a suit — and enough nights on the arm of silly socialites — to last a lifetime. After all, he has better things to do with his hands than push pencils and spend the family fortune, so he straps on a toolbelt and decides to live the simple life. But things definitelyget complicated when he runs smack into lady lawyer Marcy Paglinowski. Together, they rescue a terrified puppy...and soon the sparks that fly ignite more than just their sympathy.Marcy's strived hard to become a lawyer, and the last thing she needs is a workin' man — even one like Truman — who's got biceps and triceps galore...and who certainly knows how to work with those hands. No, she's determined to find a reliable guy with a steady paycheck and a four-door vehicle, and Truman, no matter how sexy he looks in tight, dusty jeans and a T-shirt, isn't for her...or is he?

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