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Rooms Without Furniture Rooms Without Furniture

by Brian S. Wheeler

Genre: Nonfiction

Published: 2013

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The stoning sickness has entered Mark Pence's home, banishing his father into the attic's secluded shadows. Stiffening as his limbs turn heavy and his skin morphs into stone, Mark's father warns not to open their door to the knock of that fool who travels the land promising healing. Only, Mark cannot forget how is father languishes in the attic, and his family's faith has never been so tested.Mark Pence serves as the head of the household after the stoning sickness falls upon his father, who suffers, isolated and hidden, in the family attic while he morphs into stone. With a stiffening tongue, Mark's father warns not to open their door to the fool who walks the land offering healing to anyone meek enough to accept such charity. Mark easily makes the promise, but the keeping of it proves difficult as his family's unity collapses. Mark struggles to respect the home his father built, struggles to find the true value in the homes of neighbors that surround him. Only Mark fears that all his father strove to build will crumble when that fool arrives to knock upon their front door.

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