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Wizard of the Wind Wizard of the Wind

by Don Keith

Genre: Other2

Published: 1997

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Jimmy Gill was only a child when he discovered radio and the wild, new rock and roll music it brought into his home. And, at an early age, he was accidentally immersed in radio's second "golden age" himself, becoming one of the deejays who were re-inventing the medium on the fly, fighting off the threat of television in the fifties and sixties.From his accidental birth into the world of broadcasting, Gill eventually builds a media empire. But when he loses sight of the magic that brought him into the business in the first place, he almost loses all he has built, as well as the two people who matter most to him, his brilliant friend, Detroit Simmons, and Cleo Michaels, the beautiful country music star he loves.If you've ever been mesmerized by the wizardry of the people who work their magic, distant and unseen, from behind a microphone, or been uplifted by the music spilling from your radio's speaker, then you'll love "Wizard of the Wind." And you'll hear the soundtrack playing as...

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