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Adam (Episode 6) Adam (Episode 6)

by Chrif Elidrissi

Genre: Other2

Published: 2015

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This is the sixth side story following the adventures of Adam the hero in the novel of the same name, by Chrif Elidrissi.In this story, Adam doesn't appear at all, instead we learn about Eva and where she comes from...Welcome to Marib, Yemen: the land that Sheba forgot. Or at least most of the modern world, until Al Qaeda and its putative successors made it a tableau for terrorism, civil wars, kidnappings and death. It is here, in Yemen, where the Queen of Sheba came from; where Noah's son Shem settled after the Ark did, too; where Osama bin Laden's family originated; where the German called home, a man who had had no reason to live finally found one while searching for death. Goodbye.

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