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In Icarus' Shadow In Icarus' Shadow

by Matthew Jones

Genre: Fiction

Published: 2012

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An aspiring reporter, determined to emerge from her father's shadow, finds herself in trouble when a meeting with a contact turns sour. When a kind stranger comes to her rescue, she enlists his help in uncovering the reasons behind the set up. Hoping to find the story she had been after, the pair stumble upon more than they had bargained for, contending with forces both mundane and... less so.An infection must be curbed – even in a schoolIt starts off with just one; a hit and run.Next it’s a car crash, with no survivors. Then the school bus is completely obliterated on a level crossing.Then there’s a fire…Each time, it either involves someone who upset Jasmine, or Jasmine and her friends miraculously survive.Jasmine reckons it’s her guardian angel Gariel that’s protecting her.But Gariel is increasingly insistent that Jasmine has to find and hand him a book he needs.Problem is, Jasmine doesn’t know which book he means – and the longer she takes to find it, the more the school seems to be in danger.

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