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The Seed The Seed

by Jaco Basson

Genre: Christian

Published: 2013

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Revelation awaits, as you journey from the beginning of time, taking in a fresh and exciting new perspective, unlike anything you have ever read.Gain intimate knowledge of a heavenly creator, who's actions and intentions are revealed in a way you've never seen before.Be inspired as you are in essence introduced to a loving God, that has your best interests at Heart.In the Beginning He already existed, He was One! Triune in excellent splendor. For He was the First and He was also the Last, the rank supreme power. All of creation was in perfect submission to His rule and most supreme majesty. Not only in Heaven, but all of Creation was in perfect harmony to His Kingly dominion, rule and reign. The most grandeur design was yet to unfold even before the first tick of time was ever put in place or ever recorded.He was Perfect! No fault nor blemish was to be found in Him! He was Holy. He was also Love! Love in itself in its perfect nature and form was impossible to be retained, yes! Even by love Himself. He was perfect love, He did not create love, love was His Heart. This most powerful force of Life could no longer be contained.

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