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Patchwork Patchwork

by Karsten Knight

Genre: Young Adult

Published: 2017

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Before I Fall meets Inception in this time-bending YA mystery from the author of Nightingale, Sing.
"My last thought before the black seas consume me is to wonder what morbid twist of fate allowed a prom, a proposal, an act of terrorism, and the deaths of everyone I know to converge on the same night."
Renata Lake thought her relationship would be the only casualty of prom. Then the bomb went off.
It was supposed to be a night to remember—a cruise through Boston Harbor, dancing beneath the stars. But when an explosion tears the ship apart, Renata wakes up in Patchwork, an ethereal world where all her memories have been stitched haphazardly together.
In order to catch the assassin who murdered her friends, she’ll have to navigate the twisted landscape of her mind and relive critical moments from her past in search of clues. Can she uncover the killer’s identity and find her way back to the man she once loved before it’s too late?
Don’t miss the twist ending of this dark, modern-day reimagining of the phoenix myth that will thrill fans of Passenger and A Thousand Pieces of You.

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