The Drunken Forest

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The Drunken Forest The Drunken Forest

by Gerald Durrell

Genre: Nonfiction

Published: a long time ago

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The Argentine pampas and the Chaco territory of Paraguay provide the setting for The Drunken Forest. With Durrell for interpreter, an orange armadillo, or a horned toad, or a crab-eating raccoon, or a baby giant anteater suddenly discovers the ability not merely to set you laughing but actually to endear itself to you.

Oven-birds and burrowing owls
Eggbert and the Terrible Twins
Fields of flying flowers
The orange armadillos
Bevy of bichos
Fawns, frogs, and fer-de-lance
Terrible toads and a bushel of birds
The four-eyed bird and the anaconda
Sarah Huggersack
Rattlesnakes and revolution
The Rhea Hunt


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