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Breathe for It Breathe for It

by Chelsea Camaron

Genre: Romance

Published: 2019

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Life rarely gives us a second chance at love. These two find it in this passion-fueled ride. Crunch I don't know where it all went so wrong. I was born a Hellion. I breathe for the club life, but at every turn I put it all at risk. I am Rhett "Crunch" Oleander. I am still finding my way since losing the one person who meant the most. Jennissey Once upon a time I believed everyone had this good inside of them. Now, I see the darkness in every single person. I am Jennissey Rose Rivera. Family over everything, even if it kills me inside every single day. She's the only taste of Heaven he's ever had. When given a second chance, he's refusing to let go. The question is will she walk away again or hang on for the ride? Series Reading Order: Hellions Ride On Born to It Bastard in It Bleed for It...

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