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Attention Saint Patrick Attention Saint Patrick

by Murray Leinster

Genre: Science

Published: 2007

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President O\'Hanrahan of the planetary government of Eire listened unhappily to his official guest. He had to, because Sean O\'Donohue was chairman of the Dail--of Eire on Earth--Committee on the Condition of the Planet Eire. He could cut off all support from the still-struggling colony if he chose. He was short and opinionated, he had sharp, gimlet eyes, he had bristling white hair that once had been red, and he was the grandfather of Moira O\'Donohue, who\'d traveled to Eire with him on a very uncomfortable spaceship. That last was a mark in his favor, but now he stood four-square upon the sagging porch of the presidential mansion of Eire, and laid down the law. "I\'ve been here three days." he told the president sternly, while his granddaughter looked sympathetic, "and I\'m of the opinion that there\'s been shenanigans goin\' on to keep this fine world from becoming\' what it was meant for--a place for the people of Eire on Earth to emigrate to when there was more of them than Erin has room for. Which is now!" "We\'ve had difficulties --" began the president uneasily. "This world should be ready!" snapped Sean O\'Donohue accusingly. "It should be waitin\' for the Caseys and Bradys and Fitzpatricks and other fine Erse people to move to and thrive on while the rest of the galaxy goes to pot with its new-fangled notions." Legends do, of course, get somewhat distorted in the passage of time. In the future, the passage across space to other planets may cause a slight modification here and there . . .

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