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Edicts Edicts

by S. R. Laubrea

Genre: Other2

Published: 2016

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Confronted with the hatred of the goddess of justice, Jaime is a victim of a corrupt judicial system. When his friend becomes a martyr on his behalf, he's absolved. Conflicted over her decision to suffer in his stead, Jaime sets out to right a horrible wrong. Except that to right this wrong, he must come to terms with a grave sacrifice.Journalist Carson Wade is searching for that component called gumption that launches a simple passion for music into the desire to perform it and actually put oneself out there for the examination of the masses. In order to accomplish this mission, he has managed to embed himself with a rock band. There’s only one problem. He’s unknowingly embedded himself with the worst Southern cover band in history. For the duration of his embedment, Carson keeps a journal of his experiences with the ultimate goal of writing a book about music, inspiration, and the gumption to turn dreams into reality. Over the course of a year, Carson follows Harley, Randy, Chip, Dale, and The Bass Player from pawn shops to dive bars, noting their eccentricities with peculiar wit, his only solace while watching this train wreck. Through the band’s horrific gigs, to the tumult of recording songs, the band break-ups, and the occasional brawl—Carson follows it all. Like any documentary work, Carson’s mission and original intentions take a turn towards revealing a different and unexpected perspective. This band will never make the cover of a magazine, like they imagine. But the journey they are on speaks to dreaming big, why it’s important, and to the fact that a little ignorance goes a long way...a really long way.

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