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The Cat Between The Cat Between

by Louise Carson

Genre: Other2

Published: 2019

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Trying to beat the mid-winter blahs by snowshoeing and cross country skiing when she's not teaching art history at a local college (or being driven crazy by her numerous cats, cooped up in her rambling old country home), Gerry Coneybear thinks she has her busy life under control. That is, until she rescues her neighbour's injured cat. Then a body pops up where she'd least expect it. And she even knows the victim – slightly. From gossiping with friends to discussing events while baking at home with her housekeeper Prudence, Gerry manages to pick up a few clues, although Prudence tries to discourage her from getting involved. And at first Gerry tries to stay clear of the murder – for murder it is. She gets to know Jean-Louis, a handsome ski instructor, and his adorable blond husky Harriet. Her friendship with the other man in her life, Doug, seems to be floundering. And Jean-Louis lives just down the road...The discovery of a mysterious package tucked up in a tree brings...

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