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The Chalice Thief The Chalice Thief

by K. J. Emrick

Genre: Mystery

Published: 2017

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The Theft of a Valuable Chalice... Another Mystery... And a Baby (or Two)!!!Legend tells the story of the priceless Van Diemen's Land Chalice. Believed to be hundreds of years old the myth says that whoever holds it has possession of Tasmania!When a local celebrity claims the Chalice has been stolen from his property, Dell Powers gets drawn into the mystery.Was the Chalice really stolen and is it even real? Or is this just an elaborate publicity stunt?If that is not enough for her to cope with, Rosie is about to give birth to her first child and James is back in town to report on the story. Will Dell be able to restore her relationship with him or is it really over?While investigating the mystery Dell's life is put in jeopardy as she finds herself on the wrong end of a weapon once again.Will she survive this time?Get your copy of The Chalice Thief to find out!

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