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Sweets for the Sweet Sweets for the Sweet

by S. Michael Choi

Genre: Science

Published: 2012

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The young blue-body-painted girls of the Portland Poets' Collective merely want to rain-dance in peace--but the CDC has other plans. Science and mysticism collide in "Sweets for the Sweet," where reiki practioners study the darker side of their craft, and big data comes CRUNCHing in with plenty of capital and firepower.Who would have thought that a night of babysitting could change her life forever?Since his little sister bit her in November, Matt Johnson has kept her alive. Only Natalie could have a hot guy climb through her bedroom window every night and have it mean absolutely nothing romantic. Natalie works hard to hide her crush on Matt because the last thing this newly-turned vampire needs to deal with is a broken heart. Her insecurities about Matt come to a head when the mothers insist on them going to the Valentine's dance together. Will this Valentine's Day suck worse than all her previous Valentine's days?******Excerpt“Thanks,” I told him. “You’re getting good at solving my problems.”“That’s me,” he said, lifting the bottle to refill our glasses. “Synthetic blood deliveryman, fashion consultant, parental advice provider…”“Good friend,” I said. I wanted more, but I couldn’t exactly say, “Slurpalicious hottie." I mean, I didn’t have the guts.******Valentine's Day Sucks is a 16,000 word novella which would be approximately 62 pages in print. Your download will include a three-chapter excerpt of Stirring Up Trouble, a young adult novel currently available at all major retailers.

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