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Oh! Oh!

by Mary Robison

Genre: Other2

Published: 2018

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"At first, Oh! seems a satire, a sitcom stripped of its sentiment and foolishness. But it is far more. Mary Robison is trying to show us how the the incredibly complicated dance of family life works." —The New Yorker Those who know Mary Robison's work will not be surprised that her first novel leaps from one prodigal moment to the next, for as Kenneth Burke has said of this startling writer, "Robison outguesses the shrewdest reader—even several times on a single page." In Oh!, these marvels have their source in a summer's romp with a madcap Midwestern family flourishing under the eccentric protection of a father like no other. He is the wifeless Mr. Cleveland, now an enthusiast at gardening and insobriety since passing from active service as ruler of his soda-pop and miniature golf domain. Cleveland's is the contented life of the man who knows who he is. The same might be said for his motherless children, Mo and...

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