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Lick My Finish Line Lick My Finish Line

by Nicolette Dane

Genre: Other2

Published: 2015

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Read Lick My Finish Line Storyline:

Riley and Heather, two 18-year-old best friends, are back from college and training for a half marathon together. After a sweaty and exhausting run, the girls head back to Riley's house to shower off.
But after a lusty tickle fight, the inexperienced girls find themselves showering together. Some exploratory kissing and touching leads them to dry off and head over to Riley's bed where they can delve deeper into their first time experience.
This short story is a tender — yet explicit — lesbian bicurious romantic first time experience. It contains two athletic runner best friends kissing and exploring each others bodies. This well-written short definitely has what you're looking for. Check the Look Inside for more!

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