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Amish Dreams (Amish Romance) Amish Dreams (Amish Romance)

by Hannah Schrock

Genre: Other2

Published: 2019

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Do Not Envy Thy Neighbor's WifeThat was the hardest commandment Noah Fischer ever had to follow when the new neighbors moved in next door. Ruth Yoder was young, vibrant and beautiful, her husband old enough to be her father. For weeks Noah struggles with the interest he has for Ruth until he finds out her husband isn’t her husband, he’s her father.Ruth and her father Peter moved to Lancaster from Ohio after her mother passed. The memories became too hard to face, her father drawing more and more into himself. When they arrive in Lancaster she hopes of a brighter future for the both of them.Over time she falls in love with Noah but it's hard loving a man who can’t follow his dreams. Working on his parent’s dairy farm, Noah’s always wanted to be a carpenter but he refuses to let his parents down. Ruth’s father is a carpenter but can’t summon the courage to work again after her mother’s death.Will Ruth find love? Can Noah fulfill his dream without letting his parents down? 

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