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On a Winter's Eve On a Winter's Eve

by Chris L. Adams

Genre: Science

Published: 2016

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No one knew where they came from - a parallel world, another dimension - maybe the Abyss. They'd preyed on the inhabitants of the backwoods settlement for years, wiping out entire families, their numbers seeming augmented each time they returned which was always in the winter. But when they came this time - they picked the wrong cabin...Once upon a time… on a cold and dreary winter’s night…For many the frightful remembrances of an awful event suffered during youth fade with time. For others, however, the dreadful scene swells with passing years, driving sanity from its path.Decades after a night of terror an old man, his mind teetering on the ragged edge of madness by his childhood recollections, determines to face his fears by awakening the world to the monstrous visions that haunt his dreams.Now he sits down to pen a strange narrative describing an event his family suffered while living in an isolated cabin during a blizzard on a night of soul-wrenching horror.Inspired by a desire to write a story that was a melding of pulp icons H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard, this short story was conceived with the intent to capture the building of horror of which the Man Who Was Providence was so capable, while simultaneously mating a Lovecraftian plot to a hero that might have been penned by the same hand that hammered out stories such as Red Nails and Almuric.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This quick read is a short-story.

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